Monat: April, 2012

CARAMORE. The Filmlet is On Line, now!

The vintage, german, lyrical and uncommon short-film Olli Boehm created is online here, on Vimeo and soon at the web-site: The poem describe the the feelings of a new, unrequited love to someone. She asked questions to herself and get no answers. Produced by the B-Team (witch are the DoP Volker May and Olli Boehm) on a rainy day in the Hotel Sonnenhof, witch is now named as Villa Rotschild.

TEARS. The Pre-Tissue sale!


The virtual art-brand TEARS, designed by Olli Boehm, is for sale now. Brand- and package – design and the web-site: was created as a tribute for the emotional liquid which is not only sad or negative. Several campaigns promoted TEARS over the last years and brought a new positive image to the consumers of tears, created an awareness and a value for it. Further more this brand made clear, that the consumers of TEARS are the producers of it. If you are interested to make TEARS real as a brand or… please contact: or

We are sure, that a good and constructive dialogue will start. Even if you are interested only in one of the offered directions. Brand-Design, Packaging, Motives or Web-Site-adress.



Together with the production-house: Stein Media-Production Olli Boehm created as the creative&director this fair-movie for Lange&Soehne, which is now online as well. It tells a bit about the saxon history and a bit more about the birth and history of the  watch brand Lange&Soehne. Even on a table-top level they create the story. Click on the photograph to see this aprox. 5 min. film.

Olli photographs for an editorial. Theme: Multiple Scleroses


Over 2.5 million people all over the world live with the cureless disease; MS. ”You sit in the shadow, while the sun is directly behind you, but you can not turn around“ Olli said. He has MS since 2007. Different base-treatments try to stop the on going process of MS. This image of  a young woman in the infusion-room is created in the style of the artist Edward Hopper. ”Each drop, which runs from the bottle in you, through your veins, is a drop of hope“. On the 30th of may 2012  the next world-ms-day will be.



More orders than expected, and a better quality than the price expected as well. The online order gallery from unbriefed, which is powered by whitewall surprised Olli and his clients. On different materials and in different qualities whitewall offers in a n easy, online-way some of the works of of Olli. Herman Leonard † 2011 said, that Olli Boehm, which was one of his assistants in the late 80ies said: ”He is an editorial photographer; an artist, which will find his way through the authentic beauty of thr every day moments.“ Some new images are in the gallery; you can order.