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Maybe you like to help…

This is an unusual year; specially for Olli and this is an unusual call: He waved Marie ”good bye“ like in the song from Lenard Coen ”So long Marianne“ and just his love to her and passion for creating films, stories and paintings let him keep on going.

During there time a lot of images, texts and paintings formed. Out of Olli’s private and official collection an exhibition Olli would love to build. ”I like to show the world what an outstanding person she was for me. I belief thats inspiring for Manny people and an exhibition will help me and many others.“(Olli Boehm)

So, if you are or if you are interested for more informations or you know someone who can make such an exhibition real, please contact Olli Boehm directly by phone: +49 179 395 7022

Or by

The overpainted photography you see above from Olli Boehm created in 2009-2017 is named: Marie aroused.

Der Werk-Katalog Übermalte Fotografien 2016 ist da

The new Work-Catalogue ist out now!

Auf rund 80 Seiten zeigt der Werkkatalog die übermalten Fotografien von Olli Boehm aus den letzten 30 Jahren seines Schaffens. Der Katalog ist im Buch-Handel unter der ISBN-Nr: 9783741290770  für € 36,80 zu bestellen, oder unter:

Eine E-Book-Version wird augenblicklich noch fertiggestellt und soll Ende Nov.2016 verfügbar sein.

Viele der Arbeiten sind auch als Fine-Art-Prints oder als Seregrafien erhältlich.


Vernissage, from the 27th of january 2013 Next Vernissage: 6th of april 2013

The first Vernissage from the recent touring-exhibition of: Denken – Fühlen – Malen in Weiden is done. Media and around  100 visitors saw the work of the artists.

The regional TV-station aired a little reportage about the exhibition.  You’ll find it under:

The next stop of it will be in Trier:

6. April bis 3. Mai 1213
Vernissage Samstag, 6. April  2013, 11:00 Uhr

Trier: Schirmherrin Sozialministerin Malu Dreyer, Staatsministerin für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Familie

Ort: vhs im Palais Walderdorff

EXHIBITION: Denken-Fühlen-Malen


JOINT EXHIBITION 2013 Together with

a group of45  artists with multiple sclerosis this exhibition takes its tour across germany in 2013. The input from Olli Wolf Boehm is the picture:

BOY WITH A PROBLEM. overpainted photo-collage. from 2005. The start will make the Vernissage in Weiden on the 27.01.2013

the Vernissage in Weiden on the 27.01.2013


we fit together02
Visit in the next time and have a good summer time. Olli


unbriefedposterFrom different point of views and with different tchnics Olli Boehm showed and present the color grey. He tried to find an answer to the question: Is grey a said and artificial color? And, how much life is in this color, or how much life can give this color? See the expo under where all the artworkswill be offered in july 2012 in small signed print-series; some overworked by Olli.


brandzeichenWith new, updated content and corrections, with a new selection of TVCs from Olli and informations about his work in germany as a COACH the summer 2012-version of OLLIBOEHM.DE is online. Furthermore you’ll find his work under GETAREEL.COM and on VIMEO.COM

Enjoy the summer and get some souvenirs!


milk-honey-greyMILKHONEYGREY is the name of the preview water color work for the new Expo from Olli on which starts in the end of may under the headline: GREY. THE ALTOGETHER  COLOR

We’ll inform you for the date of opening.