TEARS. The Pre-Tissue sale!

von olliboehm


The virtual art-brand TEARS, designed by Olli Boehm, is for sale now. Brand- and package – design and the web-site: drinktears.com was created as a tribute for the emotional liquid which is not only sad or negative. Several campaigns promoted TEARS over the last years and brought a new positive image to the consumers of tears, created an awareness and a value for it. Further more this brand made clear, that the consumers of TEARS are the producers of it. If you are interested to make TEARS real as a brand or… please contact: contact@drinktears.com or mail@olliboehm.de

We are sure, that a good and constructive dialogue will start. Even if you are interested only in one of the offered directions. Brand-Design, Packaging, Motives or Web-Site-adress.