Monat: Mai, 2015

Next cartoon-saison is open!

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with Olli Boehm

The creative Island and association for art, culture, nature and environment GUT MORI in the north of Lubbock, start there activities among others with a program of talks. some of them by Olli Boehm.

1st. Talk: „Say it with pictures!“ 14th of July 2015 20:00

…or discripe your theme through pic‘s. Images will be anchored much faster than word-informations. they take place in our right hemisphere. There where out emotions life.

Lets use this and discover the new perspectives.

2nd. Talk: „The power of stories!“ 28th of July 2015 20:00

To tell stories is one of the oldest ways to spread knowledge. Grandma‘s and minstrel use them. Why you wound? No matter if the story is out of the reality or spontaneous devised. If it fits to your theme, it‘s right. Or if it is out of a movie or of a novel. The public will remember them, understand it and can use it for own interpretations or new, different further ideas. Stories inspire make them start thinking and are remarkable.

3rd. Talk: „Do you have an idea?“ 8th of September 2015 20:00

Each of us has ideas, visions, thoughts. They are covered often by the systems in which we life, work and so forth. quite often we are inhibited by requirements. Through our own claims, through the requirements we mind the others to us.

Rules, fear, habits, faith or knowledge are the walls in our mind. We can tear them down.

The talks will be in germanand if you‘re interested please get in touch with: