The next decade is different…

womanon ground

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While we’re waiting we think. While we think we’ll get new ideas and ideas are the fuel of concepts.

Olli wish you a good thought trip and happy easter.


This are the times to come down. To get new ideas, to think about… In the lock-down we look down.We ask ourselves when we get our normal life back; 0or a new, a different. Some of us get back to one, some gets new ideas, new feelings, new, or different visions. Our usual, common life is over. We should create a restart; a relaunch.


Alles in allem war 2020 ein MERKwürdiges Jahr. Nimmt man das positive hervor, so hatten wir ALLE viel Zeit über ALLEs nachzudenken. Und: Es kommt immer anders wenn man denkt.

Gut ist die Zeit die man sich nimmt. Gut wird ALLES was wir daraus machen. Spannend wird’s!

GUT das es Dich, Euch und Sie gibt. Erholsame Zeit und ein GUTes 2021.

All in all, it was a strange year. If you take this in positive sight, it was a time to think about everything.

Good is the time you take for it. It’s good that you are and that we build new . Thanks and a better new year 2021.

…and: as usual is refreshed

This new ARTwork is just here and now visible!


www.OlliBŒ 2.01is out now!

This drawing can get the first ten who need it.

Its a one from 2020. An extraordinary year; in many ways. Beside all those it is the year where the web.side from Olli is brand new and it is the year where some new projects come up. So, order a print from this artwork by send a mail to , take a look on life your dream, honer nature and all the helpers, all the peaceful persons in all colours and stay tuned.

The next commercial-campaign by Olli BŒHM

For the NPO DMSG in Germany Olli created this recent media-campaign for multiples sclerosis-awareness.


Shooting impression from the up-coming new TVC written, created and directed by Olli Böhm


This year started unexpected, different, delayed.

Olli found a new reason, home and person to live and to live for.

He became a  lecturer for advertising at the at Schwerin

work as an author creative and as an artist around his orbit and restarted.

FALL 2018

Someone said to me some days ago

the autumn is the spring of winter.

And even the site-updates are still not finished I like to wish you a inspiring time.