Monat: Januar, 2013

Vernissage, from the 27th of january 2013 Next Vernissage: 6th of april 2013

The first Vernissage from the recent touring-exhibition of: Denken – Fühlen – Malen in Weiden is done. Media and around  100 visitors saw the work of the artists.

The regional TV-station aired a little reportage about the exhibition.  You’ll find it under:

The next stop of it will be in Trier:

6. April bis 3. Mai 1213
Vernissage Samstag, 6. April  2013, 11:00 Uhr

Trier: Schirmherrin Sozialministerin Malu Dreyer, Staatsministerin für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Familie

Ort: vhs im Palais Walderdorff

how easy it can be to change your mind…

…and how easy it can be to make the world a bit better.

I love TED Talks and if I take some minutes to let me inspired by some, I’ll come to new ideas. Sometimes some of the articles changed my mind. This is one of them and I’ll put, from time to time some of those here in this RECENT blog, even the content has nothing to do with Olli Wolf Boehm or UNBRIEFED, or?


A lot of new content, new and known art works and pictures, a re-designed page and interesting infos are at

EXHIBITION: Denken-Fühlen-Malen


JOINT EXHIBITION 2013 Together with

a group of45  artists with multiple sclerosis this exhibition takes its tour across germany in 2013. The input from Olli Wolf Boehm is the picture:

BOY WITH A PROBLEM. overpainted photo-collage. from 2005. The start will make the Vernissage in Weiden on the 27.01.2013

the Vernissage in Weiden on the 27.01.2013