Monat: Dezember, 2012

Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013!

Even if the legendary short film from Olli is just in german, the old story by Hans Christian Andersen brings still new points of view. REgarding christmas, life and living. Here you’ll find the english version of the fairy tale.

Olli Wolf Boehm wish you a peaceful time full of love and that you can follow and fulfill your dreams in 2013.


A new teasing trailer for an upcoming TVC is online now, together with a redesigned image of the web-side and image of Olli Wolf Boehm. The trailer include the philosophic words from Gil Scott Heron. Take a look at this teasing TVC and come back later to see the full commercial.

Further than that, the known X-mas short film „der kleine Tannenbaum“ is on-air again, during the christmas time and even it is just in german enjoy it. We wish you a good and peaceful end of the year.