Why for an idea itself nobody pay in the creative business?

This little mov. is not new but still actual

Bericht der DMSG:

X-mas 2017 as usual but different

The shortfilm for X-mas: Der kleine Tannenbaum. still just in German

The catalogue or fine-art-prints out of it. you can order it here: 

For all those who still need a present.

Different x-mas:

‚cause she’s not there

Different, cause I’m different and my ”why“ is different. Here is my new sign for example, which coaches my work 2018. It’s a aquarelle-homage to the great photographer Sam Haskins which inspired me in my early days to my belief.

from my personal p.o.v. one of the best…

What do you think? One really good speech; with Simon Sinek Fall/winter-update

…so, after you had your coffee take a journey through the updated unbbriefed-site.

recent overpainted photographs, a new expo-collection of recent and older Marie-works ,

the ürints-offer which you can combine with the actual catalogue and and and… take a sip

Maybe you like to help…

This is an unusual year; specially for Olli and this is an unusual call: He waved Marie ”good bye“ like in the song from Lenard Coen ”So long Marianne“ and just his love to her and passion for creating films, stories and paintings let him keep on going.

During there time a lot of images, texts and paintings formed. Out of Olli’s private and official collection an exhibition Olli would love to build. ”I like to show the world what an outstanding person she was for me. I belief thats inspiring for Manny people and an exhibition will help me and many others.“(Olli Boehm)

So, if you are or if you are interested for more informations or you know someone who can make such an exhibition real, please contact Olli Boehm directly by phone: +49 179 395 7022

Or by

The overpainted photography you see above from Olli Boehm created in 2009-2017 is named: Marie aroused. is updated!

New tvc-public services

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The new Spot for the DMSG was created, written and directed by Olli Boehm. Music by Ingo Nather, Edit by Rüdiger Chmielus, DoP by Volker May and produced by Thomas Stein. Further infos you’ll find under

Marie. (13.12.1969-28.04.2017)

Wir haben uns Zeit

und Vertrauen geliehen

Wir haben ein Leben

in 19 Monate gepackt.

Nichts war zu spät

Aber vieles zu früh.

Manchmal verzettelt

meist verzweifelt geliebt.

Wir haben die Wahrheit

So gut es ging verlogen

Es war ein Stück vom Himmel

Dass es dich gibt…

Du hast jeden Raum

Mit Sonne geflutet

und jeden Verdruss

Ins Gegenteil verkehrt

Du warst die Prinzessin

mit sanftmütige Güte,

unbändigem Stolz

hast Du dem Leben die Stirn geboten

Hast ihn nie verraten

Deinen Plan vom Glück

Das Leben ist nicht fair

Auch ich trag dich sicher

in meiner Seele

ich hab Dich bei mir bis der Vorhang fällt

Text von Olli Boehm; inspiriert von Herbert Grönemeyer